Your World Don’t Stop.

Idols + Enemies is a raised fist in the face of a president that openly threatens our most basic constitutional freedoms. To that end, all proceeds from downloads of this project will benefit the ACLU. They’ve had our backs, defending civil rights for nearly 100 years. As the Trump transition team seizes power, the ACLU will be a strong ally in preventing the President-elect’s unlawful and unconstitutional campaign promises from becoming a reality.

November’s dystopian presidential election sent all of us looking for answers. My Idols Are Dead And My Enemies Are In Power brings together artists, activists, and academics to explore how we got here, and what to do next. We stand with poor folks, Muslims, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and all Americans against any attack on our civil rights.

— Lushlife, January 2017


01. Sky Is Falling
02. OOOUUU ft. Elizabeth Scanlon
03. No Dead Languages (Vocal Mix) ft. Sad13
04. Mike Eagle PSA / Bus Stop
05. This Ecstatic Cult (Zilla Rocca Remix) ft. Killer Mike, Kool AD, Gabriel Bryant
06. The Heart is An Atomic Bomb ft. Billy Woods, Porochista Khakpour
07. Julie Profumo (Brexit Planet Dust) ft. Nikesh Shukla
08. I’ve Seen It Before I Was There ft. Moor Mother, Botany
09. The Feeling When You Walk Away
10. O Glowing Hunter (Stamper & Lushlife Version) ft. Sut Jhally
11. Blues for Vijay ft. Little Strike
12. 11 Theses / Anthropocene Dream ft. Jedediah Purdy, Sun Airway
13. Bashar Loves ELO ft. John Morrison, Visto, Sarah Blake
14. Totally Mutual Feeling (Remix) ft. Khruangbin

Album Credits.

All songs written and recorded by Lushlife unless otherwise noted

Executive Producers // Raj Haldar, Brendan Lee, John Morrison

Musical Guests // Killer Mike, Moor Mother, Skull Eclipses, Sad13, Khruangbin, Kool AD, Sun Airway, Billy Woods, Zilla Rocca, John Morrison, Little Strike, Visto, Joshua Stamper, Vijay Mohan (RIP)

Recording Engineer // Ruben Gallego, Willie Green

Video Trailer // Kevin D’Mello

Featured Contributors

Jedediah Purdy – Professor of law at Duke University and the author of a trilogy of books on American political identity (For Common Things, Being America, and A Tolerable Anarchy). Purdy teaches constitutional, environmental, and property law, and writes in all of these areas. He also teaches legal theory and writes on issues at the intersection of law and social and political thought.

Open Mike Eagle – A critically-acclaimed rapper and host of the podcast, Secret Skin. Mike has also gained notoriety in the world of comedy, collaborating with the likes of Paul F. Tompkins, Hannibal Buress, Matt Besser, and more.

Sut Jhally – Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and founder of the Media Education Foundation (MEF). Sut is one of the world’s leading scholars looking at the role played by advertising and popular culture in the processes of social control and identity construction. He is best known as an author and film director whose work deals with issues ranging from gender, sexuality, and race to commercialism, violence, and politics.

Nikesh Shukla – Editor of the essay collection, The Good Immigrant, where 21 British writers of color discuss race and immigration in the UK. Nikesh’s work has been featured in Best British Short Stories 2013, The Sunday Times, Guardian, Esquire, Buzzfeed, VICE, and more. He has, in the past, been writer in residence for BBC Asian Network and Royal Festival Hall.

Porochista Khakpour – Author of the novel Sons and Other Flammable Objects (Grove, 2007) and The Last Illusion (Bloomsbury, 2014). She is a contributor of personal essays to The New York Times about her experiences as an Iranian-American and Islamic popular culture, and also writes about popular culture and music in the United States.

Botany – Spencer Stephenson is a musician, sound designer, audio collagist, and producer. As Botany, his critically-acclaimed music has been featured on Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, and in the WIRE: Adventures In Sound and Music.

Gabriel Bryant – A Brooklyn native now residing in Philadelphia, Gabriel works for an educational non-profit providing students in neighborhood high schools a pathway to and through college. Gabriel is also a community activist, as Co-Director of the Philadelphia Chapter of Sankofa Community Empowerment.

Sarah Blake –  Author of Mr. West, an unauthorized lyric biography of Kanye West that came out in Spring 2015 via Wesleyan University Press. She is co-founder of The Philadelphia Poetry Collaboration and Submittrs.

Elizabeth Scanlon – Elizabeth Scanlon is the Editor of The American Poetry Review. Her new book, Lonesome Gnosis, is forthcoming from Horsethief Books in 2017.

Thank You

Hunter Giles, Brian Sampson, Nick Dierl, Naavin Karimbux, Jesse von Doom, Josh Rittenhouse, Adam Vodovsky, Amrita Ganguly, Mike Hess, Patrick Childers