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I wrote Idols + Enemies so I could understand the current political and social climate as part of a broader continuum. Inspired by Adam Curtis’ cut-and-paste documentary Hypernormalisation, this mixtape interweaves 40 years of global events to create a picture of how we got here. Now it’s your turn to use the mixtape’s lyrics as a platform for discussion and debate.

Sky Is Falling

Lyrics by Jonathan Kerrs  //  Performed by Lushlife

Verse 1 // Lushlife

Spot a fallen hatchling / Broken from the fall / Raise it up to heaven / No one left to call


Original song by Young M.A.  //  Featuring Elizabeth Scanlon  //  Produced by U-Dub for NY Bangers

Drop // Elizabeth Scanlon

In my radical fantasy, everyone has this luxury / To refuse to clean for money / See
the rancid mansions of the rich when all the maids quit / The hotels when housekeeping walks off the job  / Hallways lined with service trays, upended in the exodus / The wrecked rooms, stay wrecked / The bad behavior, unmended / No one to facilitate this pretend game / Of it never happening


Verse 1 // Lushlife

Uhh / Yeah, this ain’t New York City / This Lush Vida terrordome / Escape back to Philly / And if it’s just a playground for the rich / It’s a pity / The outerboroughs is languishing / Dying, so when it’s gritty / They build another coffee shop / Stock it full of white birds / Drive up all the rent / While I’m looking for the right words / I don’t want a part of it / If this is how your life works / I need a new position / And if they listen / It might work


Verse 2 // Lushlife

And while the city-state / Was on the verge of full collapse  / And when the subway’s a gallery / For pretty rats  / Seventy-five in a flight of the middle class / Got the city in debt / They spit it through the looking glass / Yeah, the bankers went and took control of ‘em / While the gods of the market forces / Pushed out the logic of a welfare society / That’s holding them / Or back in Trump Tower / Looking down / Patrolling ‘em / And i’m just / Whipping up the FDR / Haxan Cloak / Or just relaxing / And trying make it last and hope / Damascus clashing with Kissinger in a rope-a-dope /Will end in instability / Without an antidote


Verse 3 // Lushlife

Dr. Strangelove / Breaking up the Middle East to make up / Or maintain the Balance of Terror / American paystubs / While they double-dealing with Hafez Al-Assad / Demagogues / Knocking on doors of synagogues while / Reagan dream of  boots on the ground / Or in the seventies / They call ‘em enemies / Don’t call ‘em Lebanese / I never need the memories / To kick the flow, rap / And never go back / To how it used to be / I know that / When Ayatalloh / Turning them child soldiers to bombs / And In Iran / They super-light beams to get us gone / And if Islam / Corrupted the words of the Quran, black / It’s Mortal Kombat / Finish ’em dead / Peep the format / I’m Cormac McCarthy / I’m Lush Vida La Rock / But in Iraq / The future is grim / And never not, ak / The glory days are over / A soldier is now a bomb / It’s everlong / Forever / And there ain’t a magic wand charm

No Dead Languages (Vocal Mix)

Featuring Sad13  //  Produced by Lushlife

Verse 1 // Lushlife

Soon as you realized / That what you said had no effect / Despite the mass protests / From the furthest left / War happened anyway / The banks crashed the economic structures / And they never paid  / Politicians paved the way / That’s when we decided to go away to cyberspace / Mona Lisa Overdrive / Live In the modern age / Baseyian belief networks / Live in the modern day / Showing you a world you want to see / It’s a holiday / The web drew everybody in / It was mesmerizing / While the algorithms / Churned away the advertising / Paralyze your earbuds / A handful corporations / Tell you what to hear, what? / You thought you had tear duct?


Chorus // Sad13

Revel in the rush from acting mad / Clock out the real world after that / Where do you get off / Going off with no out? / Do you call? Do you write? Do you march it off? / Or burn in the flame wars for no cause?  / Where do you get off / Going off with no out?


Verse 2 // Lushlife

So when the Occupy Movement / Starts to chase its tail / And the Arab Spring / Looking like its doomed to fail / The revolution / No solutions on a minor scale / Putin steady peering with his eyes out / From out the veil / Sarkov turned the politics to opera / A shapeshifting / Tongue-twisting / Never know what’s popular / Never know what’s real / And if they saying could be modular / A strategy of power / That make ‘em easy to monitor / Better if they all confused / If the west had taken notice / Then they all amused / And that’s just all they used / So what if Trump spit the ultra-right rhetoric / And in the next moment is talking about your betterment / It’s irrelevant / Or if he paying his tax / Ultra-light beams and memes / Undermining the facts  / And all your Facebook and Twitter outrage / No longer has a possibility to bring about change / It’s just to maintain

Bus Stop

Original Song by Kaytranada  //  Featuring Open Mike Eagle  //  Produced by Kaytranada and Karriem Riggins

Drop // Open Mike Eagle

It sound like the times the little boy was talking about in the beginning of Liquid


Verse 1 // Lushlife

Trapped / I flashback to a later date / California / would’ve barely had the 808s / And in the Haight/ They trying to open up the doors / Of human perception / Dreaming it’s freeing them from the wars / Freeing ‘em from the politicians / Standing on the floors / Thinking about a future / Not everyone could explore / Fast forward into cyberspace / 1993 utopian dream / Getting cream / Until they find a place / A real alternate reality to hold your gaze / A liberation from echelons / And city states / Spprat.. / But it’s not everything it seem, that / Everything’s commercialized / And waiting just to be back / The possibility for more / A universe of the mind / The definition of time  / Is far from being torn / But underneath it all / When Phiber Optiks get exposed / The Balance of Terror is everpresent / Evermore / The banking networks and credit scores / Exert control / And while you pain from the system / The system getting gold /Take the blinders off / They knowing more about you / A growing monolithic systematic way to drought you / I doubt these motherfuckers even / Ever gon’ allow you / To live a second in peace / As their power grows around you / Maybe this utopian dream / Is just a camoflauge / Maybe they’re just getting cream / Yeah they G-ing off / And i’m feeling lost and gone forever / No romance / The Neuromancer is a long forever / No romance / The Neuromancer is a long forever / No romance / The Neuromancer is a long forever


Chorus // Lushlife

I lost the game / I lost the war / I lost my baby, yeah / I lost the city / Lost a pretty little lady, yeah / I looked for freedom / Looked to meet ‘em in the city, yeah / But it was treason / I’m leaving ‘em all a little dead

This Ecstatic Cult (Remix)

Featuring Killer Mike, Kool A.D., Gabriel Bryant  //  Produced by Zilla Rocca

Drop // Gabriel Bryant

It’s not about uber-capitalism here in this country, you know / This is a global struggle / So I would just ask folks to make sure they recognize that, you know? / Continue to do your research, but more importantly, think clearly / Embrace this moment because / Right now is the perfect time to figure out a way for you to contribute.


Verse 1 // Lushlife

Welcome to the pop culture War on Drugs / The cop culture protect its own / They low lifes / That roll like thugs / And when blue lives / Tell new lies / On who rock what / Get your family fucked up / When you due locked up / And what’s the difference / If Nixon evolved to Bill Clinton / And Mandatory Minimum Sentencing is making millions / While civilians / Is caking out on all you misery / Hillary walking back on all the policy, villiany / I don’t think you feeling me / The ghost of George Zimmerman / Walking around killing me /Please catch a felony / Please pass the Hennessy / I don’t wanna be phoning home / I don’t wanna be the one to rock a Rolling Stone / And while we at it / Fuck Trump dead serious / Stay wise / the Central Park 5 lives delirious / Not so mysterious  / Never let him spend four years / Deleterious / Why so serious?


Verse 2 // Kool A.D.

Fuck that / Take the whole fucking thing back / It was never their shit / We made it / Word to the slave ships / Fuck that / Y’all wack and y’all hate it / Fuck that / Y’all want to bust / We gonna bust back / If it’s time then it’s time, nigga / Fuck rap / I don’t write raps / I bust gats / I don’t got the time to fucking play with your punk ass / Curry with the three / Draymond when I dunk that / Shouts to Cleveland / But it’s still fuck Cavs / Bron, you a legend / But puff pass / High school / I used to cut class / But you know your boy nothing but class / A yo, fuck that / Whatever you talking about / Fuck that / It’s a war outside / It always was that / If it’s time then it’s time, nigga / Fuck rap


Verse 3 // Killer Mike

Hey / must I remind niggas / All on they grind / That one time / They trying to hit you with some serious time / And they ain’t even gotta show you / With a nickel or dime / When some nigga you been knowing / Went and dropped the whole dime / Just to lessen his time / Man, how could you trust a nigga / call his homeboys lying / And I’m the opposite off that bullshit / pull quick / Back on that Adamsville Killer bullshit / Fucking right I get hostile / I’m trying to get it like a Rothschild / And live ‘Pac wild / Fuck a bloodsucker / house nigga / nutsucker / I never loved ‘em and I fucked that nigga baby mother / Motherfucker / You ain’t never shit / And never was a / Probably kinda nigga that’d snitch on Harriet Tubman / So keep your business to yourself / And keep it undercover / One time / I’ll holler brothers

The Heart Is An Atomic Bomb

Featuring Billy Woods , Porochista Khakpour  //  Produced by Lushlife

Verse 1 // Lushlife

And that’s the Ayatalloh / Dying soul monopolizing / Where iron flows / And a fire grows that’s galvanizing / And from the other side / It’s tantalizing that / When the causing for a celebration / Is elevating attacks / American stacks bundles / And oversimplified dogma of destiny / On the humble / Trump is ready to rumble / Reagan ready to stumble in the Lebanon / And not while Assad is planning a revenant / To take ‘em out the metal, ha? / Develop a new idea / Defend the revolution / Atomic bomb in your heart / And in that’s an institution / Just a martyr / Just an unstoppable human weapon / So when it spread like a virus / They gone or get to stepping


Drop // Porochista Khakpour

In Fall 1987, I was nine / It was not my first protest or my last / Los Angeles / Federal Building / Young protester, Neusha Farrahi set himself on fire / In a letter he wrote / By setting fire to myself / I am not only protesting the presence of the Iranian butcher, Khomeini, to the United Nations / But also President Reagan’s ultra-right foreign policy as well as the poisonous activities of pro-monarchy elements / Who are using the crimes of the Khomeini regime as an excuse to bring back the power of the murderous dynasty of Pahlavi / I do not wish to die / I love life / But apparently, in order to preserve the very same life / The only alternative left is dying / He was 31 / We need the same fire / But we need to live because of it


Verse 3 // Billy Woods

The land will do for dolo / Where cause or hell could get a straight no / Millenium thugs shrugged and let it go / Neighbors who hated him / Thirty and let him know / Two 45s ’cause your ex-wife is a ho / The HK for HR / The AR in the trunk of the car / Police clapping anything black / Fuck being unarmed / Knock the soup out his thermos / This sub writes / Subversive cursive / Elijah Muhammad shots through your granny’s curtains / Shoot your girl for flirting / Shoot your man ’cause you not certain he not snitching / Shoot ’til you got to put the clip in / First responders to victims / Shoot twenty little white children / Listen / Then shoot the messenger / Your fault I caught you slipping

Julie Profumo (Brexit Planet Dust)

Original Song by Cleaners from Venus  //  Featuring Nikesh Shukla  //  Produced and Performed by Lushlife

Verse 1 // Lushlife

I’m going to England / I’m leaving today / I’m going electric-ally / There’s no time to stay / ‘Cause this ain’t the sixties / And there’s nothing to lose / And Julie Profumo / Is singing the blues


Chorus // Lushlife

Someday soon / I will forget this junkyard / Take you with me / If you’re going that way / It’s a changing world / And I could tell you one thing / Time is wasting / Shadows waiting / Love will slip away


Drop // Nikesh Shukla

This is Nikesh Shukla / I’m the editor of a collection of essays called The Good Immigrant, which brings together 21 British writers of color talking about race and immigration in the UK / Which, post-Brexit, is a very timely subject to be discussing / Especially give the rise in hate crimes / One of the things that I’ve noticed is that people think that fascism isn’t really, racism isn’t really there / Hate crimes are really there / It was just a bunch of idiots in a set of isolated incidents / We cannot let these people undermine what is happening to the streets / Because one person perpetuating one hate crime is one person too many / It took one person to kill the MP, Jo Cox / And what we need to do is to recognize the things that make us different / And the things that make us the same so we can come together / And we have to be bold / Be persistent / Be the resistance / Be agents of hope in these dark times / Because as Trump ascends to the presidency / As Nigel Farage whips up the frenzy of fascists throughout the UK / And as Marine Le Pen build up a power base in France / We have to say / No, this is not good enough / This is not what humanity stands for


Verse 2 // Lushlife

Oh mother of violence / I am your son / And though I remember sunshine / The damage is done / The images haunt me always / Like a cry from the streets / And Julie Profumo / Is dead on the beat

I’ve Seen It Before I Was There

Featuring Moor Mother //  Produced by Botany

Verse 1 // Moor Mother

One, two / One, two / It’s Moor Mother / Lushlife, let’s get it / I seen it before, I was there / Triple-eye devil stare / Serving white with Ric’s flair / Your mama wouldn’t even let you go there / The jungles / Them lions there / But don’t a bitch scare easy / Yeah, they was rocking / Eight ball in the jacket, popping / On a cold train, shadowboxing / Stacking paper, making money off of toxics / Ching / Soon, you’ll be a kingpin / You was locked down once / And you’ll be dead before it happens again / That’s what you wrote with your pen / Economics make you have to put a sword in men / Was daddy watching / A movie with Reagan, gun slinging / As you return to clear and present danger / They can’t contain you / But they can lock you in a class / Full of anger / Danger, danger / Woo-ha / Yeah, we ain’t in check / War going on / And it’s around your neck / I put feelings aside / I know who I am / I am the light / My last form’s still shining / Last sun shining / I put feelings aside / I know who I am / I am the light / My last form stay shining


Verse 2 // Lushlife

And Trump is taking it / Where did all the data go / Taj Mahal crumbling / Lost inside the Alamo / Internet / Monologue / Now you need the Molotov / Countervailing cocktailing / All hail to Viacom / No chance of dialogue / No chance to hold hands / Or romance the higher laws / And if you see your power lost / This is how it always was, cousin / Better hold that / Spit it back / Lockerbie’s a mockery / Know that / First they told us Syria / Telling ‘em how they G off / Then they said it’s Libya / Setting ‘em to squeeze off / And if you offer semi-automatics / To Gaddafi and / Turn him into a villian / Then you just dealing in bodies when / 18 Saudis on a plane / Getting rowdy and / Laughing all the way / To the bank / Or up in your Audi and / Blame it on the fucking media / It’s eyeballs, dollars, and it’s cents / And it’s theater / My encyclopedia / Hella oversimplified / Line between reality and fiction / Delirium / 2k Vermillion / Blood red future for the 99 / Spending on defense in the trillions / Global poverty could be gone and in the billions / They’d rather keep us lost in the tweets / In the millennium / Last days of Disco / You’re a ghost in the Pentium


Drop // Botany

Whatever it is you do / Just do it with good intentions / And really fucking do it / Just make and make and make / Make the world that you want to see / And turn off Netflix


The Feeling When You Walk Away

Original Song by Yves Tumor  //  Produced by Yves Tumor

Verse 1 // Lushlife

The old system is broke / The new religion is living inside a prism / Everything is a prison of managing all your hope / Too much complexity / And so anything just to cope / Hennessy and the coke / And the SSRIs / Wise / She feeling Alladinsane / Bad Brains / So everything we do / To maintain, ak / The world stop or moving faster / Impossible to skip the next disaster / While  the broadcasters walking past her / I won’t last a second more without Eliza though / And if our minds are numb / And self-reflective social media is just a dynamo / I won’t really mind to go / Black Rock is Alamo / Nevermind the Navajo / Windtalking the street walking / Age of individuals / Wrapped inside a warm blanket / Reassuring / Safe bubble / Profit motive’s critical / Biggest challenge /Is when they try to balance political gains / And never spiritual


Chorus // Lushlife

Resentment growing quietly / Edges of a society / Old ideas / Disappear into Anxieties / Democracy’s a bottom-feeding prop / And a lie to be  / The voices of the weak / Is just lost in the economies / Never going quietly quietly / Edges of a society / Old ideas / Disappear into Anxieties / Democracy’s a bottom-feeding prop / And a lie to be  / The voices of the weak / Is just lost in the economies

O Glowing Hunter (Stamper & Lushlife Version)

Original Song by Joshua Stamper //  Feauturing Sut Jhally  //  Produced by Lushlife

Drop // Sut Jhally

In this apparently post-truth age / I think it’s even more important to do what Gandhi said / Hold on to the truth / It’s all we have to ground us in our beliefs / In our politics, and in our morality / It may not seem to matter / But in a world where irrationality has triumphed / The only defense we have is rationality / To be able to understand the situation we’re in / I think there’s great danger in fetishizing activism / that we have to do something / Unless we understand the situation we want to change / Our actions will be useless / Impotent / They may even make things worse / That’s why the great Italian socialist / Antonio Gramsci / Said you always have to think about understanding and action together / One without the other is pointless / His phrase was “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will” / If we do our intellectual work properly / It may depress us / It may make us pessimistic because it seems hopeless / But until we do, we won’t understand where the weaknesses in the system are / Where we can push most effectively / Where we can make alliances and collaborations that really matter / And this requires a new thinking / The old jargon and the old categories won’t work / Because they are from another time / Only then will our desire to remake the world matter /  Because it will be more effective / And remember, Gramsci came up with this in the depths of Mussolini’s fascist prison / Even locked away, he kept theorizing, kept imagining a different world / I can’t think of better advice in this seemingly hopeless time / Pessimism of the intellect / Optimism of the will


Verse 1 // Lushlife

In reality / Reality is just something to play with / The Mexicans, the metaphors, the UFOs, The slave ships / A spaceship is a drone / Or with a face-lift / And if you facing the facts, black / Facts are faceless / Back to basics / They everlasting the matrix / And everything that I dream about / I hide in the basement / It’s too complicated / When Hanoi Jane come back alive / And turn her back on her first act to Jazzercise / The Battle Cry of the New Republic / Is hella dreams / Courtesy of Burt Reynolds and a silver screen / The libertines in the magazine’s a myth / While Tel Aviv was crying / The Phillipines is adrift / The philistines is gripping us / Managing perceptions is a 40 hour, full-time, long con / Tripping us / 1983 isn’t long gone / It’s clipping us at the heels / So how should I feel / I feel like giving up


Chorus 1 // Joshua Stamper

Planets move and brows are smoothed / And night leaks from the sky  / Spiders glance and moth wings’ dance / Dew leaves begin to dry


Verse 2 // Lushlife

So when they spend a couple decades telling hella lies / And act surprised / Then when everything that they televise / Is Post-truth / But the gold goose is laying eggs / And Anderson Cooper lying / But I just lay in bed / And, I’ll just say instead / I’ll rock for a minimum / It’s Lush Vida Paramount / Gold star curriculum / And even while the government lies it’s in their favor / It’s a way for us all to be lost inside the paper / Grey Lady / Hypernormalize / Baby, I’m a Suffragette / Baby, normalize / I’m in the lo’ goose / Puffing cess mesmerized / See the complexities of the real / And don’t ever chill / I never compromise


Chorus 2 // Joshua Stamper

O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts / O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts / O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts / O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts

Blues For Vijay

Featuring Little Strike  //  Produced by Vijay Mohan (RIP)

Verse 1 // Little Strike

Hey you / Meet me in the park / We got two / Hours after it gets dark / In this city / I don’t go out alone / Aba told me / Aquí hay gato encerrado / Ken motek sheli hakol ze blof / How can it be my enemies / In power now / It’s like a call to action I won’t sit still / It is my call to action come with  / It a call to action I won’t sit still / Come with, come with


Verse 2 // Lushlife

The power structure they built is invisible / The banks and the corporations / Maintain a network of lies / Hypocritical / Give you all the visuals / Charging you the interest so you never pay the principal / Feeling invincible when they laughing back to Greenwich / And who the menace / Again to society / When they finish / Commuted sentence or play tennis / Up against your image / Where life is a heist / And the strong get a percentage / Even the politicians / Eventually they were never told / Raw brutal corporate power’s a stranglehold / And it’s a phantom limb / Living inside of all of us / Living inside the machine / Smokescreen / They calling us / Peace to V Mohan / Show hands  / Another night / See you on the other side, fam / Or in another life

11 Theses / Anthropocene Dream

Featuring Jedediah Purdy  //  Produced by Sun Airway

Verse 1 // Jedediah Purdy

This is Jed Purdy, recording / 11 Theses for the new new left / Thesis 1: The economy is about power / Thesis 2: Expertise is not legitimacy / Thesis 3: You’re allowed to want economic security / We need to reject the moralism of competition and the charisma of disruption / And say that it’s right and good to be safe / Thesis 4: You’re more than human capital / A person’s worth what they can earn / And return on investment is the wrong way to think about living / Just as networking is the wrong way to think about relationships / These of valuing ourselves are cultural and psychic distortions / In which a market colonizes the minds of the people living under it / But they’re not just mistakes or spiritual failings / They’re imposed on us, by all-in, all-pervading competition and insecurity / Part of the point of an economy of safety is to let people remember what else and who else they are / Thesis 5: Solidarity is different from hope / Thesis 6: Democracy is more than voting / Ultimately, it’s about organized people deciding how their lives should be organized / Thesis 7: Not everything has to be earned / We should care more about what everyone gets as the groundwork of social life / And what the big patterns of distribution are / Than whether people have deserved what they get / Thesis 8: Equal treatment is not enough / We need to go deeper to unsettle / And change inherited patterns of inequality and injustice / Thesis 9: We need a fight to make peace with the planet / Markets won’t save us from climate change / And neither will expertise / Thesis 10: We have in common what we decide to have in common / Politics is the way we make movements and make communities / Thesis 11: We have a world to make / Earlier progressive movements / Today’s Democratic party / Have worked to navigate this world of inequality, insecurity, and so-called meritocracy / And to humanize it around the edges / But the point is to change it


Verse 2 // Jedediah Purdy

Often in the second and third weeks of November / I found I could trust only the days when the sun did not come out at all / And just enough light seeped though the clouds to make the street lamps go dark / Bright days felt deceiving in their beauty / We may be at the beginning of four years / Of vigils, civil disobedience, encryption, surveillance / And the tiring reassertion every day / Of basic facts against lies that are almost official / That is one of the better scenarios / Solidarity is different than hope / We have in common what we decide to have in common / I’ve been hungry for naive responses to nature / As I have been hungry for naive political lucidity / These days, when I see a flock of birds in synchrony / I feel that as if a dimension of awareness had opened up / That is not occupied territory / I feel this other site of consciousness / This vast, banking incipient intelligence / Is a rip in the curtain drawn / Between the world and me / We have a world to make

Bashar Loves ELO

Featuring John Morrison, Visto, Sarah Blake  //  Original Song by ELO

Chorus  // Lushlife

Yeah yeah I shot Reagan / I’m a pagan / And the bible isn’t legislation / Take me back to Carl Sagan / I’m the space invader / Ill hieroglyphic translation navigator / Read your thoughts / let you think we chill / Then I blast you later / Read your thoughts / let you know the deal / Then I’ll blast you later


Verse 1 // Lushlife

And while they sitting in Pleasantville / In the Badlands / The Bronx, and the Bricks, and the Bayou / Was looking bad man / They trying to make a supervillian / From out of sad man  / Put everything America fears / Inside of a mad man / Went from La Di Da Di / To spitting Momar Gadaffi  / To Margot Robbie / Lushlife / Wild Hammurabi / ISIS breathing down your neck now / And they ain’t left now / Doing donuts in the sand / And bucking off respect now  / If you feeling left out / You need to throw up your set now / And while they struggle for freedom / We leaving outer space / And leaving science behind / Or making a database / Of every single brown-skinned motherfucker talking loud / Satellite feeds / For Boss Tweeds talking now / Or walking out of Tammany Hall In they pinstripes / Taking all your money / And respect / And your dignity / And smiling in the photographs with children in the tintypes / Never get a seat at the table / Even an invite / Upstanding citizen / Dissidents need to bring light


Verse 2 // John Morrison

I always knew there was a life that was made for me / Way beyond church / and old books about slavery / I would reach amazing feats / Seen it like a dream / read hazily / Red, yellow, blue, pink crack caps / Everything from A to Z / 1983 / I ain’t got a clue /Mama taught us eyes up / And keep your vision where the pigeons flew / And where I fit into? / Living where the mischief brew / Started writing rhymes / My precision where the rhythm moves / You gotta be smart / Don’t do what other niggas do

I used to watch my daddy bag up / Work on a mattress / Sitting sipping root beer floats / Watching Dragnet / Charisma like a magnet / ‘Til one day he died young / Somebody pulled out a gun / But did more than flash it / I keep the anger deep inside in a normal fashion / Until I sort of unpacked it through this rap shit / Steady trying to rewrite life and get a nice start / Staying up at night with heavy eyes and a light heart / Feeling like a kid / Getting busy on the right parts


Verse 3 // Visto

The lord ain’t qualify for no scholorship / My role model’s Henny bottles / Sipping hollow spit / Growing up problem kid / Looking for acknowledgement / Crackheads hella bent / Thought our folks was heaven sent / Begging for like seven cents / Visions of the jungle / Car radio missing / But that’ll make them humble / Poor people can’t eat / But, Iran got guns? / A said everybody eats / And my man got one / We doing numbers / In Japanese cars with Tiptronics / But the math was off / They was teaching us Reaganomics / Wars with Islamics / When they ain’t even the problem, yo / Word to Nat Turner / We gonna find a way to stop it / Pitchfork / Picket sign / Get a gun / Spit a rhyme / Donald Reagan / Ronald Trump / Fuck them all / I’m getting mine / And I handle bars like moustaches / Deck the Master in his eye / I took enough lashes


Drop // Sarah Blake

When I imagine every household in America is / It’s own small empire / I am in the royal bed / I am not upset about anything / because my empire is upset and I am busy with that / My empire is at odds with the world / Because it is perfectly at home in it / It can’t make a noise loud / To express its discontent / Its frustration at the oversight of surrounding empires / Stands merely as all houses stand / It is the embodiment of nothing / And the closest it has to a body is me / Its unrest can be
be described as my displeasure / I sleep in my crown / I have heard the stories of my nearest neighboring empire / They made an armory in the basement / They let the children touch the guns / If I could speak better for my empire / I would / I throw money at it / I make sure everyone in it is happy / Sometimes my empire sounds like a whole family crying / Sometimes it sounds like my son / This torn state cannot stand / I feel like I am being reborn out of the tear in my empire / Which looks like a vulva / Because all tears look like vulvas / Sometimes I spent weeks thinking there are only phallic symbols / But then the tearing / And my new head is pressing forth until it can be seen / This new head wears the same crown / And the crown is always worn by the same head / In this empire and others / When I pass through other empires / I am the good queen / Mouth and legs shut / I can’t bear a new child / That would show how we are all of blood / The act of not bearing that child / Making it only a third of the way / To, mostly, the blood / No one would watch that / And I can’t arrange for my son to wed their daughter / Such that my empire will be at peace / Feeling represented and cared for / I enjoy the tea and presents / I return home and cry as my empire left bereft / Of the ear of any other empire / As my empire is bereft a tongue

Totally Mutual Feeling (Remix)

Featuring Khruangbin  //  Produced by Lushlife

Verse 1 // Lushlife

Yo, call me Lush Panorama / Santa Ana wind rap / Drinker Hennepin Black / In tenements / ‘Til she tell her friends // The future wrapped in the flows to cherubims / Downtown South Philly / General / Wild gentlemen / Plus, I don’t blame it on the alcohol / I blame it on the Adderall / Blow coke / Smoke dope / Have a ball / Used to rock a snapback / Relaxing in the Palomar / Looking inside the tea leaves / Praying to see the calendar / Half Laurel Canyon / Half rap / Supreme Algebra / The lamb open the seventh seal / Revealed Babylon / Rapper don / Suede Timbs / Coney Island Gravitron / 1983 / The Singularity’s a marathon / Now we onto stranger days / Twerking bitches and hitting switches / To Strangerways / Here We Come / And she always look like a golden age / No More Golden Days / Stay pushed forward / Fast forward / Clap the olden ways


Chorus // Lushlife

Peace to Roky Erickson / Peace to Bo Derrick / So lost in the television / Walk with the elephants / To die by their relatives / Lushlife / Holy ghost / Float through the tenements / Back to irrelevance / Peace to Ralph Emerson / Peace to Bo Derek / So lost in the television / Walk with the elephants / To die by their relatives / Lushlife / Holy ghost / Float through the tenements / Back to irrelevance


Verse 2 // Lushlife

I tow the party line / I drink the barley wine / I seen the supreme being / Free in the hands of time / Made my mind to find a dime piece / Plus some peace of mind / The building blocks intertwined / Fine, they barely mine / It’s Lush / Rags to riches / Or Zoroaster when I flip the script and bag the bitches / Back on my slang / God damn / When I spit the vicious / Now, more than ever / Forever raps they keep me lifted / Alive, Keep me dipped and / It costs a grip and I’m sick of it / That’s why they on the corner / Stacking chips for the thrill of it / And every mil I get / I’ll spend it quick for the feel of it / Or watch my silhouette sink into something deliberate / I’m spitting it / Uh, the dip diver / Cinematic for nine-to-fivers / Like lottery tickets, Stick-up kids, and heavy riders / I steady vibe off the breaks/ To see a necklace / Jamestown evaporated / Capetown is breathless